How is it made questions list

How is plywood made

Wood is cut into boards and then processed into specific shapes, such as sheets and planks, using a variety of machines. One machine might stamp the board into a desired shape, while another machine might chop it into smaller pieces. The wood can also be sliced in thin strips or shaved off in very fine grids to create plywood.

How is couscous made

Couscous is a wheat-based dish that is traditionally made from semolina flour and water. The couscous begins by being boiled in water until it becomes a pastalike mushy texture, then it is placed in an oiled baking dish and floured. In order to give the couscous its desired flavor, different herbs and spices are added before it is baked.

How are pickles made

Pickles are made by pickling cucumbers in a brine solution. The cucumbers are doused in water, vinegar, seaweed flakes and salt. They are then placed into a sealed container where they are left to soak for several weeks or months.

How are century eggs made


Century eggs are made by cooking a chicken in an acidic solution that leaches its moisture. The acidic solution includes vinegar and water, which make up about two-thirds of the total recipe. The final water mixture is then poured into cold eggs, causing them to crack and form the shell.