How is it made questions list

How is yogurt made

Milk and yogurt are both made from either cows or goats. In order to make yogurt, the milk is heated until it reaches 180 degrees F. The curdled milk is then strained through a cloth or a nut milk bag. Yogurt can be sweetened with sucanat or other syrups, fruit juices, honey, etc., but usually contains between 6 and 10% of fat.

How is stainless steel made

Stainless steel is made from small pellets of stainless, one of the most common elements on Earth. The ingredients are heated until the pellets turn into a liquid, and then poured into a mold to create whatever shape you need, like slices for cooking or sheets for your dishwasher.

How are emotions made

Emotions are usually made up of a variety of chemical messengers, such as adrenaline and serotonin. These chemicals are released by the brain in response to a perceived danger or Reward, which can trigger physical responses like trembling or sweating. Additionally, emotions are often shaped by our interactions with others and our experiences throughout our lives.

How is shredded wheat made

Shredded wheat is made from cooked and cooled whole wheat berries. The raw wheat berries are machine ground which breaks down the cell walls and makes them easier to digest. subsequently, they are mixed with water and salt, kneaded for a few minutes, then forced through a fine mesh sieve to remove other debris. Finally, the grains are dried in an oven or dehydrator until only 20% of their original moisture remains.