How is it made questions list

How is sauerkraut made

Sauerkraut is made by fermenting cabbage with lacto-fermentation bacteria. Cabbage is shredded, then mixed with salt, dill weed, caraway seeds and red pepper flakes to flavor the cabbage. Then Sauerkraut is stored in a jar or barrel where it will keep for up to 6 months.

How are hotdogs made

The hot dog is made from beef, water, and bread crumbs. The beef is fried until it’s a nice golden brown, then it is put into the water and cooked until it’s very tender. The water is then strained off and the beef is used to make the dough for the hot dogs. The dough is worked until it’s extremely fine and sticky, then it’s filled with meat and bread crumbs. Then, the hot dogs are boiled before they’re finally baked.

How is carbon fiber made

Carbon fiber is made from repeating cylindrical yarns of carbon. The fibers are drawn out into thin threads and then spun into filaments. Physical processes are then used to break the individual filaments down into small pieces that can be woven together again to form a sheet or mesh.

How is cork made

Cork is made from the bark of alder trees. The wood is Harvested, shredded, and then soaked in a hot water and pulp solution for several days. This process separates the cellulose fiber from the lignin. The corky material is then dried out under high pressure and sunlight until it reaches its desired consistency

How are black holes made


A black hole is createdwhen an ultra-dense star collapses under its own weight.In order tocreate a black hole, thestar must have at least six times the mass of our sun.As this super-massivestar begins to collapseunder its own gravity, itreadys itself tounderproduce a tremendousexplosion.This initial blast createsa mini blackhole thatfeeds onandconsumesany nearby gas and dust particles.Over time, as the originalsuper-massiveblackhole continuescollapsingunder its owngravity,it creates afullfledgedblackhole: one with a massof up to ten solar masses.

How is a ball bearing made

A ball bearing is a spherical component thatotationally operates in a rotational motion. The component is constrainedwithin and aroundaper-cussion orifice, typically created by the concentricFeature of a press» tooling. Both open ended andclosedhand methodsengagein production of standardballs bearings.Open-end methodstakeadvantage offine-grained ballsproduced inhighspeed milling applications to increasethe speedof rotation on the part beingmilled. This results in an uneven surface onthe balls, which presents new challenges when finishingthe bearing. Closed handmethods necessitate shellingofthebonesoftheballearlyonin theproduction process,resultinginthedesired qualityandshape withoutintroducing any

How is nuclear energy made

Nuclear energy is made by splitting an atom in order to produce atomic nuclei. This process is called nuclear fission or nuclear fusion, and it depends on the nucleus of an isotope of uranium-235 being split into two smaller pieces (mutants). The number of neutrons within the nucleus determines how much energy is released when it splits.