How Is Acrylic Made

Acrylic is a durable and strong polymer used as plastic in wide variety of applications. Acrylic sheets are usually used as substitute for glass due to its flexibility and other properties such as being lighter, easier to repair and more transparent. Acrylic is used to form wide range of shapes for wide array of products most especially in automotive applications and used as component in paints and resins.

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How Is Stevia Made

Stevia is an artificial sweetener that has been widely used in most foods as well as beverages in the US as calorie free sweetener. In 2008, the FDA or Food and Drug Administration promulgated it to be generally safe and because of this, it has become increasingly popular and in demand to consumers. The extract of Stevia is hundred times sweeter compared to regular sugar we have known. In addition, it does not also raise blood sugar levels like the normal table sugar. This herb is primarily grown in China, Japan, Paraguay and Brazil.

During harvest, the leaves of the Stevia are cut at ground level then placed in drying wagon. It usually takes one to two days for the leaves to be completely dry out. The dry leaves are then placed in cardboard boxes with plastic liners and are sealed off for processing.

The dried leaves from Paraguay and other places in South America, Japan, Brazil and China are being purchased by the US as well as other countries to be processed into sweeteners. The commercial processing of Stevia includes water extraction, decoloration and purification.

If the stevia plants already dried, they go through the process of water extraction. Approximately half of the crude extract constitutes Reb A or Rebaudioside A. Reb A is known as the sweetest and most flavorful of the different sugar like substances that is present in the stevia plant. It is refined through crystallization and using specialized equipment which separates the different glycoside molecules in the Stevia extract. With this process, manufacturers are allowed to choose only the pure Reb A to be used for commercial purposes.

The last process is known as purification. The crude extract of Stevia is brown in color that has bitter taste and even accompanied by unpleasant odor. Because of these unappealing qualities, the process of purification of the stevia extract is necessitated in order for the final product to satisfy the standards of commercial quality. The purification measures may include separating out certain elements or ion-exchange resins and removal of the brown color or decoloration and bleaching. Once the processes are all completed, it will produce a risk free alternative to sugar.


How Is Bottled Water Made

Bottled Water

Consumers should known that all bottled water is not spring water which came from serene source surrounded by green and lush meadows or snow glaciers. The industry for bottled water popularized this myth as a way of convincing consumers or buyers that drinking bottled water tastes better and healthier than drinking water from tap at home, though bottled water is more than tap water that is packed in fancy bottles.

Depending on the area where you reside and the treatment used by your public water system, it is undeniable that bottled water is better tasting than water from the sink. But it is actually easy to improve the taste of tap water and can even allow you to save hundreds of dollars every year while preserving the environment by making your own purified or bottled tap water at your very own home.

To make bottled water, you need to have carbon-based home water filtration system, tea kettle or pot and reusable beverage containers.

First of all, you have to run water from cold tap for few moments to flush pipe and to make sure that water is cold. In case your local water system is known to contain lead, you must follow this procedure before you filter water with carbon-based system to ready it for boiling and drinking. Then filter water through your home filtration system to eliminate common contaminants like metals, chlorine and pesticides.

Fill the tea kettle or pot with filtered water and heat to boil for a minute to ensure that any microorganisms are removed that may cause various types of diseases. Use another minute to boil it for good measure to really make sure that all contaminants are removed. After that, you have to cool boiled water using your pot or kettle that is easy to touch that would normally take few hours. Finally, pour cooled water into clean beverage containers and place it to the refrigerator until they are ready to drink.

Creating your own bottled water is possible at home but if you want a faster way of drinking mineral water, buying them at your grocery stores is a much better alternative.


How Are Man Made Diamonds Made


Manmade diamonds are lab grown diamonds that are exquisite in characteristics and appear exactly the same as natural diamond. These diamonds are close to perfect that even some people won’t be able to spot the difference between natural diamond and a manmade diamond. If you love fashion jewelry, you probably have asked yourself how manmade diamonds are made.

Diamonds is among the most popular precious stones in the world and they were to be the first to be synthetically created successfully in laboratory setting. But they are actually not fake diamonds because they are carbon based, like natural diamonds but are grown in lab in highly controlled setting in a more accelerated manner. 

The first manmade diamond was created by a French chemist Henri Moissan in 1892. The diamonds particles he created were through heating charcoal into molten mixture that splintered in tiny crystals while it cooled.

In lab-created diamonds, the carbon is heated to molten liquid with the help of extremely high temperatures. The process of crystallization is stimulated though the very slow cooling process. In addition to extremely high temperatures, the growth of crystal is facilitated by high pressure in a controlled setting. This process is known as HTPT or high temperature high pressure.

Depending on the specific process the companies are using for creating their diamonds, the quality of the crystal they want to achieve and the process of growing diamonds could take anywhere from 7 days to 6 months.

Lab created or synthetic diamonds have identifying mark wherein the name of the company and serial number are engraved or inscribed on the stone for identification purposes.

Manmade diamonds have become favorite alternatives of those who can’t afford to buy real diamonds that are expensive. The look or appearance may be the same, but manmade ones are less valuable instead it is purely fashionable. If you want to collect as many diamond as you want without spending a great deal of money, manmade diamond is a great alternative. It can give you the spark and elegance you want for a very little amount. People can’t tell that such diamond you are wearing is not real diamond. 


How Is Refined Sugar Made?

When people think of sugar, they always imagined of fine white powder. The truth is that sugar does not exist in this form and takes an extensive process of refining to result into a concentrated final product. During the process, some of the nutritional benefits of natural sugar source are lost. Highly concentrated refined sugars are quickly absorbed upon consumption. However, when consumed excessively, it can contribute to various types of health risks and diseases.

Most of the sugar consumed in the US Originates as sugar cane that accounts for about 60% of the sugar an sugar beets account for 40%. Sugar cane is primarily grown in tropical and subtropical regions where humidity and temperatures are high. Sugar beets are typically grown in more temperate zones. The other sources of sugar include homey, sugar maple true and fruit.

Juices of sugar beets and sugar cane have natural sucrose content. The natural sugar is concentrated using the process of refining which involves different stages of washing, simmering, centrifuging, filtering and finally drying. Raw sugar is the initial result that is not really raw but should undergo the final refining stages. The sugar that is left at this stage is steamed for sanitization and is sold as turbinado.

At one point, all white table sugar was the same to that of turbinado which is brownish in color and are rougher, larger individual crystals. The last stages of the refining process involve using bleaching agents such as carbon dioxide or line to whiten the sugar and pass through bone char filter that will eliminate impurities. Usually, pure sugar is labeled referring to purity of chemical in the product and lack of some nutrients.

Excessive refined sugar consumption can pose different potential health risks such as tooth decay, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Since it has high glycemic index rating, it has fast effect on blood sugar. Refined sugars are also called empty calories, and this means that are rich in calorie but providing virtually no helpful nutrition.
Some people are using alternative sweeteners instead of refined sugar such as raw fruits and vegetables that won’t affect blood sugar and weight gain.


How Is Carbonated Water Made?

Carbonated Water

Carbonated water is water containing carbon dioxide gas which creates small bubbled in water which leads to the effervescent texture that some people find to be enjoyable. Sometimes, this product is also called sparkling water, bubbly water, club soda or seltzer water that comes in variety of styles. It is simplest form, carbonated water is identical to still water, except for the fact that it has a lot of bubbles while others may include additional ingredients, changing the natural composition of water.

Most carbonated water on the market is artificially produced by pressuring carbon dioxide into water at the bottling plant. If you want to make sparkling water in your home with your own water sources, you can buy seltzer bottles as well as soda chargers. But there are few examples of naturally occurring carbonated water in which some of them are bottled and distributed. These products have already been consumed by people for years who believed they bestowed health benefits.

When carbonated water is consumed by people, the bubbles in it are consumed as well giving people with quite distinctive experience. In the past, people thought that carbonated water offers benefits to health and some of them continued to believe it can settle upset stomach. There are some manufacturers and companies that add minerals to carbonated water to produce flavor on the sparkling water.

Tonic water which is a variant of carbonated water is made classically with quinine which is a bitter substance that can prevent malaria. Added salt and minerals can sometimes result to health problems like high blood pressure and tooth decay. However, flavored sodas are far most likely to cause problems on health than carbonated water.

Some people love drinking plain carbonated water due to the bubbly and distinct texture and mild flavor. It can be mixed as well with juice, flavorings syrups and any other ingredient to create flavored drink. People buying and using carbonated water may have noticed that the bubbles will go flat gradually once the bottle is opened and this break the seal holding the carbonation in the bottle. You can prevent this by using seltzer bottle with tight seal and charger that will maintain high carbonation levels.


How Is Lactose Free Milk Made?

Lactose is a sugar which most people are having trouble of digesting. Such condition is known as lactose intolerance that results to uncomfortable digestive symptoms when lactose is consumed. If you are lactose intolerant, there is lactose free milk you can drink instead. Rather than removing all of the lactose in milk, most manufacturers are using chemicals for lactose modification.

Lactose is a kind of sugar that is not identical but closely related to table sugar. Sugars all comprise of one or two chemical units known as monosaccharides. Table sugar and lactose contain two monosaccharides that are bonded together chemically to absorb monosaccharides from the sugar. You can digest lactose, separating them from one another through digestive enzymes. Two monosaccharides found in lactose are known as glucose which is a common monosaccharide and galactose that is similar in structure. The procedure is mimicked to produce lactose-free milk.

Since there are many lactose-intolerant people that enjoy drinking milk and other dairy, there are some manufacturers producing lactose-free milk. It is quite difficult to remove lactose from milk and this can change its taste and nutritional content. Rather, manufacturers chemically digest lactose that split it into galactose and glucose.

To digest lactose chemically, manufacturers are adding enzyme called lactase into the milk in which the process is allowed for about 24 hours. The enzymes are protein which helps chemical reactions to occur faster than they would. If you are lactose-intolerant, it is due to the fact that you lack lactase enzyme. Adding lactase to the milk and letting the enzyme to pre-digest the lactose will make milk easy for you to digest.

Usually, lactose free milk has sweeter taste compared to regular milk. The reason for this is it does not bind tremendously into your mouth’s sweetness receptors that glucose does. Most dairy products that are lactose free such as ice cream had their lactose modified in similar way as the lactose free milk which means they are safer even if you are lactose intolerant. Individuals with lactase deficiencies may consume yogurt without it having been modified chemically.


Hints On How Are Paintballs Made

PaintballsDo you have hints on how are paintballs made.  To tell you the truth there are a lot of ways that we can be able to learn how paintball are made but it would be more favorable if we will discuss the most  basic one so that we can all have a clear understanding.At first, it would be needed for the participants to learn to determine that we will be of need of protective materials just like masks as well  gloves. The making of paintballs are very sensitive that it would require the maker to be conscious in the formulation of mixing the chemicals so as forming the shapes so that any deterioration or malformation would be avoided.

PaintballsLearning how are paintballs made and actually learning to do it myself is one thing that I can say that is worthy to be proud of. Paintballs that are already manufactured from the creative hands as well as incorporated with the expert knowledge will be delivered to the market. There is a process in which we will need to follow so that we can come up with the right paintballs. As for experience, the materials will need to be present because the absence of one material can cause for the inability of the production of the paintballs. Another requisite would be the need for a proper trainer to teach on how the paintballs will be made. There are also times wherein you will need to refer to examples and illustrations so that you can compare if your end product is a good one. Be sure to get the instructional materials so that you can follow each step like how you will form the paintballs.

At the end, you will realize that how are paintballs made are very easy to make especially if you will just follow the guidelines that has been provided for you. There can be no hard things to accomplish as long as you have the instructional materials with you and you will follow it. You just have to make those hands work and that your procedure will be in accordance to the given samples.


Learn How Is HCG Made For Dieters

HCGDo you want to learn how is hcg made? If you are interested in this learning then it can be possible that you are using HCG diet or else you are planning to do so. The HCG hormone is indeed very natural. What the researchers to first is to obtain the sample of the original hormone which can be obtained from a woman with child. But this would not be the same hormone that is made available in the market. The next thing that researchers would do is to get hold of a strategy to make a product that would work exactly the same as the hormone.

HCGIf you are using the HCG diet then you must be aware that what you are taking in your body is the natural HCG hormone. This is the reason why weight loss can be easy since the hormone is already a natural component on the body and will have a larger chance to be absorbed and utilized in fat elimination. As with how is hcg made effective then it is by suppressing the appetite as well as in hastening the metabolism. Do not be mislead by the claims that HCG hormone used in the diet is extracted from the real hormone that is in the body. This is not so for HCG used in the diet are materials that are manufactured in the laboratory and not the real hormone. At the first phase, the HCG hormone is made accordingly to the substances similar to the real hormone. Such substances will be mixed altogether and will be observed by the researchers if they will work accordingly like the natural HCG hormone.

Learning about how is hcg made will also make you have a full grasp on the process of weight reduction. The HCG hormone actually is made in the laboratories and is secured to be effective in making your body adjust and make way for the getting rid of fats as well as preventing you to accumulate for additional pounds as the weight reduction process is progressing.


How M&M’s are Made

M&MChocolate candies M&M’s are made of liquid milk chocolate and the candy shell as the two main ingredients. Chocolate milk is usually made from milk, cocoa butter and sugar. Then the candy shell is made from sugar and corn syrup. The ingredients to make the liquid milk are then mixed and they are poured into little molds to form the inside part of the candy. The chocolate is then rolled to make it smooth. But it will be left to cool and harden.

The chocolate centers are transported from one of the areas in the factory by conveyor belt into an area where the shell of the candy is going to be applied. Applying the shell of the candy is also known as panning. Each and every chocolate candy is given several coat of neutral color coating of the candy. Then the candies are rotated into a huge holding unit. This is to make sure that every piece is given the same or even amount of coating. Then after that, the color would be applied next. Every big batch is one specific color so as to make large number of candies.

M&MOnce the coating of the candies has already dried, they will be sent into another area of the factory for packaging. A finishing machine would weigh the candies into their specific weight and then they will be packaged into individual bags. Generally, for regular milk chocolate candy M&M’s, the breakdown is one-eighth red, one-third brown, one-eighth yellow and insignificant percentages for the blue, orange and green. They are then transported into the machine that will stamp the “m” on the shells. The machine is going to heat seals the packages to make it fresh and to ensure its taste. The chocolates are carried on a conveyor belt, and then the packages that were carefully sealed are being dumped into shipping packages and then mechanically sealed.

So this is how your favorite M&M’s chocolate candies are made. Of course there are secret ingredients and techniques that were not shown in this because of proprietary information. Aside from liquid milk chocolate, you can also try other variations such as peanut butter chocolate.