How Are Bouncy Balls Made

Bouncy balls are timeless toys we are all familiar of. They are very cheap and can give hours of entertainment for the entire family. This means that not only children can enjoy playing the ball, even the adult find this to be entertaining. Even if bouncy balls are cheap, you can actually make it on your own. It is quite fun and simple activity to do with your kids. However, you have to keep in mind that these are choking hazards so be careful when working on it with small children. For the activity, you will need 1 tsp of alcohol, 4 tsp of water glass, Popsicle stick, bowl and rubber gloves.

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How Are UGG Boots Made?

Authentic UGG boots are made by the UGG Australia Company and manufactured of treated skin of the sheep. Its interior is made from the skin’s fleece side, and its exterior is leather side. The twin-face sheepskin pertains to the single piece sued for the outer as well as the inner portion of the boot. This boot is constructed from Grade-A sheepskin that provides excellent air circulation and natural wicking.

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How Is Chewing Gum Made?

Chewing gum is a flavored, sweetened confection that is primarily composed of latex, both artificial and natural. The organic latex, which is a milky white fluid that is being produced by different seed plants is known best as the main rubber component. So many years ago and even today, chewing gum has been used as snack even if it does not have nutritive value and when people finished chewing it, they generally throw it away instead of swallowing it. Chewing gums simply provide pleasure to anyone, the reason why many people are buying it.

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How Is Chocolate Milk Made?

Chocolate milk is made using regular milk and then adding in cocoa flavoring that can be in liquid or powder form. Usually consumed by young adults and children, chocolate milk is said to have the perfect combination of required nutrients for athletes. Aside from the nutritional benefits, chocolate milk is a favorite as well of chocolate lovers and can be purchased pre-mixed in gallons or individual sizes.

Chocolate milk is a beverage that is made with two ingredients, chocolate and milk that is well-loved by people. This combination is popular as well in the form of solid candy called milk chocolate. One of the reasons why people love milk chocolate is its smooth texture and flavor. It has a creamy texture and the chocolate flavor is sweetened by sugars in milk. The pre-mixed chocolate milk is available in grocery stores but there are many people who preferred buying separate chocolate and milk in order for them to have more control over the milk fat content used and the flavor of chocolate desired.

Chocolate milk has oxalic acid that initially resulted researchers to believe that calcium in chocolate milk would not be absorbed readily by the body. Oxalic acid binds with prevent absorption and calcium but present in smaller amounts that it has negligible effects, sufficient calcium is free to be absorbed by the body.
The fast replacement of nutrient from chocolate milk can create a huge difference in the performance of the person everyday and it is very easy drink for children that engage in athletic activities. A lot of children are not getting enough calcium, vitamin D and potassium in their diet and by drinking chocolate milk, they will be provided by the essential nutrients they need.

Chocolate milk needs to be stored in a refrigerator like regular milk but is heated sometimes to make hot chocolate drink. It can be heated in microwave and can be enjoyed during cold weather and is topped deliciously with whipped cream. Chocolate milk is nutritious for adults and children as it can provide nourishment and strength. There is also low fat chocolate available and can provide still with calcium and carbohydrates but a little less fat and sugar that whole milk.


How Is Coal Made?

CoalCoal is made from the remains of plans and trees that lived about millions of years ago. They delayed and get buried to the ground and were compacted under rock layers. It is a hard brown or black rocklike mineral substance that is used for burning to generate heat. It is one of the most abundant mineral fuels on the earth and the leading source of electrical power in most industrialized countries.

There are a number of theories that came up as to where goal is produced or where it originated. The first one is ancient swamp forest which stated that even though coal resembles like rock, it is different from other mineral substance that is found in the ground. According to this theory, coal is made up of the plant remains which existed hundreds of millions of years ago. The remains of the ancient plans are being constantly found in coal beds. If small pieces of coal would be examined using a microscope, the patter of the fibers forming the original plant can be visible.

The second theory is sinking land. In the carbon or coal bearing period, most of the parts of the earth were rising or sinking slowly. The land underneath the swamp forests slowly sank, allowing the seawaters to flow in, covering them. The water pressure squeezed the beds of pear that caused them to solidify and dry. The sediments on the bottom of the sea slowly turned to rock, which pressed the peat even more.

The last one is the formation of coal beds. In most areas, the land rise and fell several times. Such movement has caused the formation of layer after layer of coal that is separated by the layers of sedimentary rock. The increased pressure was caused by more dock deposits that formed bituminous coal. In areas where mountains are formed, the coal beds had been compressed to the hardest type of coal that was recognized as anthracite. The coal beds, known as seams can be 400 feet thick or 2.5 cm or less thin.

Regardless of how it is formed, coal is one of the very important products being used today in terms of heat and electricity generation.


How Carrot Cake Is Made

Carrot cake is sweet and moist. It is perfect for any occasion or a simple dessert after a generous lunch or dinner. What’s even great is it can be done easily right at your own home. It is even easier if you have a food processor in grating all your carrots or when buying the pre-grated ones. Otherwise it can take you a lot of time and effort.

For this recipe, you will need equipments such as hand mixers, cake pans, mixing bowls, wire racks, toothpicks and mixing bowls. For the ingredients, you need to prepare shredded carrots about two cups, a cup of cooking oil, two cups of sugar, 2 cups of all purpose flour, 4 eggs, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of cinnamon.

The first step in making carrot cake is to preheat oven first to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Then grease and flour lightly two cake pans and set aside. Next, combine the dry ingredients such as the sugar, baking soda, baking powder and cinnamon in the large mixing bowl. Then add the grated carrots, eggs and the oil. Beat the mixture with a hand mixer until it is perfectly combined. Then pour the batter in the prepared cake pans. Then place it to the oven to bake for about 30 to 35 minutes.

You will be able to know if the cake is done when inserting the toothpick in the middle of the cake and the toothpick comes out clean. Then allow the cake to cool for ten minutes then remove it from the cake pans and transfer it to the wire track to thoroughly cool. Then frost the cake with a cream cheese frosting that you can easily make. Cover the cake first and then store it in the ref.

If you want to jazz your carrot cake up or add a variety of color and elevate its texture, you can incorporate a small can of crushed and drained pineapple along with a small amount of shredded coconut as you add the shredded or grated carrots into the batter.


How Is Cream Made

Cream is a dairy product that is made up of higher layer of butterfat skimmed from the milk top before it is homogenized. In milk that is un-homogenized, over time, the fat which is lighter, will rise to the top. In industries producing cream, the procedure is hastened by using centrifuges that are known as separators. In most countries, cream is sold in various grades, depending on the overall butterfat content. This dairy product is also dried to powder when it is to be shipped to distant markets.

Cream that is mixed from milk is called sweet cream to recognize it from whey cream that is skimmed from whey, the by product of making cheese. Whey cream contains lower amount of fat and tastes a little more tangy, salty and cheesy.

Cream is produced by cattle that graze on natural pasture usually contains some natural pigments that are derived from the plants that are eating. This provides the cream with slight yellow tone, therefore the name of the color which is yellowish-white cream. Cream that is derived from the milk of goat or cows that are fed indoors is white in color.

As said earlier, this dairy product is comprised of layers of high butterfat that is skimmed off over the top of milk before it is homogenized. Today, cream is being used for culinary purposes. Cream is added with stabilisers and thickening agents. These thickeners include carrageenan, alginate, sodium bicarbonate, gelatine, alginic acid, tetrasodium pyrophosphate. The other processing can be carried out. For instance, cream has a tendency of producing oily globules when it is being added to coffee.

The stability of the cream can be increased by raising its non-fat solid content that can be done by partial addition of sodium caseinate. For cooking purposes, both double and single cream can be used in cooking, though the former could separate when it is heated if there is high content of acid. Most non-edible substances are known creams merely because of their consistency. In some cases, foods can be described as cream, though they do not predominantly contain milk fats.


How Is High Fructose Corn Syrup Made

High fructose corn syrup, the commercial version of corn syrup is used in sweetening common items of food such as cookies, yogurt, cola and canned fruit. In short, it is a man-made caloric food sweetener. Corn syrup is being produced using enzymes and acids sometimes to break down corn starch into fructose, glucose and simple sugars.

The chemical composition of corn syrup resembles closely to that of table sugar, sucrose. It is composed of 50 percent glucose and 50 percent fructose. High fructose corn syrup commercially used comes in two rations, 45 percent glucose to 55 percent fructose used in soft drinks, 58 percent glucose to 42 percent fructose used in sweetening ice cream, desserts and baked goods. They share the same caloric value as well.

The process of manufacturing corn syrup started in 1960s. To begin with, corn kernels are drenched in warm water that contained sulfur dioxide. Through this warm solution, the kernels are hydrated which made it easier to break down the hull, starch, protein and oil components. Once soaking is done, the kernels are the wet milled to eliminate the oil that contained germ. Then the remaining corn starch will be washed.

Three enzyme types are added to the resulting mixture of water and starch to break down the starch into fructose and glucose and create the desired or required balance of the two. The syrup that is produced in the process is then placed through evaporation process to produce the desired consistency before it will be produced for shipping.

High fructose corn syrup came under close scrutiny in the recent years. It is found in most of the pre-packaged foods. The Department of Agriculture of America found that about 39% of the nutritive sweeteners that are being consumed in the country are actually in the form of commercial version of corn syrup. But it was blamed for the cause of the ever-increasing waist lines of people. However, it was proven that high fructose corn syrup is not likely to cause any negative or adverse effects to obesity for those individuals who have consumed foods that contained this type of sugar.


How Is Lead Made

LeadLead is a soft, dense, low melting metal which is a very important component of batteries and around 75% of the lead productions in the world are being consumed by the industry of battery. Lead is the densest common metal and this made it really effective in sound barriers and X-ray shield. Lead has been used in the plumbing industry, the reason for this is it can resist corrosion by water.

Lead is removed from the ores that are dug out from mines under the ground. Over 60 minerals contain a type of lead, however only three are mined typically for the production of lead and galena is the most common one. Its pure form only contain sulfur and lead but is found usually with traces of other metals in it which include copper, silver, cadmium, zinc, arsenic and antimony. The two other minerals that are mined commercially for lead include anglesite and cerussite. There are more than 95% of all lead mined came from one of these minerals.

The first step in producing lead is extracting lead-bearing ore is to mine it under the ground. The workers are using heavy machinery that will drill the rock from deep tunnels or blast it with dynamite which leaves the ores in pieces. They will then shovel the ore into the trucks then haul it to a shaft.
Once the ore is removed from the mine, it will be treated at concentrating mill. This means removing the waste rock from the lead. Sulfur and galena, known as lead sulfide, are made up a significant component of the mineral. The process of rotation will collect the sulfur-bearing part of the ore that contains as well a valuable metal.

The next step is filtering to remove up 90% of the water. At this point, the concentrate consists from 40-80% led with huge amount of sulfur, zinc and other impurities. The ore will be roasted to fuse it into brittle material known as sinter which is mostly lead oxide. It will be followed by the refining process and costing. It will be cooled and cast to blocks that can weigh as much as ton.


How Is White Flour Made

White FlourPeople usually hear about white flour and that it is not good for the body. Most of them say that white flour lacks minerals and vitamins that whole flour and whole grains have. But because they lack those vitamins does not always mean they are bad. There are actually 14 different vitamins, proteins and 10 different minerals that are being lost during the refined process of whole wheat.

Refined flour labeled as enriched flour means that only four vitamins are supplemented back. In addition, refined form itself is not good for the body. There are a lot of fattening and poisonous effects of white flour that are unknown yet. Not all carbohydrates though have similar fattening effects like white flour.

Refined white flour is made from whole wheat grains through a refining process. This process will remove the entire bran and husk that are considered the most nutritious and the parts of the grain that are rich in fiber. After which, it will be bleached with chemicals that contain chlorine and then dried out at high temperature in an oven. The last procedure will kill any little beneficial effect that remains after the bran and husk has been eradicated.

White flour is bleached chemically like the way clothes are bleached. This means that when you consume white bread, you are eating as well the chemical bleach residue that is in the flour. Different flour mills are using different chemical bleaches and they may not be good for the body. The bleaching agents whiten the four by oxidizing the surfaces of the flour particle. They may develop gluten as well that a lot of people are allergic to.

Refined flour is bared of almost all nutrition, leaving only the pure carbohydrate on it. In the process of digestion, starch or carbohydrate is broken down to sugar molecules. Starch is only many molecules of sugar that are bonded together. Vitamin E is highly important in food with sugar and carbohydrate since it is required when the cells convert sugar to energy. Starch and sugar normally contain Vitamin E but it is lost when the husk and bran are eliminated.