How Plastic is made?

For several decades now, plastic has become an integral part of everyday life. It has provided an inexpensive but durable material for the many items that people use on a daily basis. However, there are many people that seemed to wonder how plastic is made. The process of making plastic vary depending on the final end product in the production, there are basic steps required in manufacturing plastic goods of several types.

Before finding out how plastic is made, it is important first to define what plastic is. Plastic is a form of polymers made up of a long chain or line of small molecules called monomers. These monomers are composed of atoms that are commonly extracted from natural or organic substances and generally are categorized as petrochemicals. Different types of monomers can be used in the production of plastics. Natural gas and crude oil are the common source of these elements including monomers like styrene, vinyl acetate and vinyl chloride.

Polymers are produced by creating series of chains of monomers. Polymer processing is one of the methods that result in the formation of plastic. The other method which is the thermosetting method, the liquid monomers are poured in a mold and they are allowed to cool. The monomers that turn into liquid are permanent shape and this produces durable goods. Using the thermoplastic method, the liquefied monomers are heated and molded slowly into shape. Once heated and manipulated in the desired shape, the product will be cooled and allowed to turn it into a solid. Thermoplastic and thermosetting approaches are known as polymerization.

Though plastic was regarded as an inexpensive in price and in quality, modern plastics are used for several purposes. There are several forms of plastic goods that contain properties that can resist heat and cold. Nowadays, plastics are used in conventional ovens and microwave. Then the plastic is utilized to form patio furniture that is lighter in weight, protective coatings on most cookware, sturdy upholstery, water piping and wide variety of other useful products. Most of the products we have at home are made of plastic and they serve wide variety of purposes.

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