How M&M’s are Made

M&MChocolate candies M&M’s are made of liquid milk chocolate and the candy shell as the two main ingredients. Chocolate milk is usually made from milk, cocoa butter and sugar. Then the candy shell is made from sugar and corn syrup. The ingredients to make the liquid milk are then mixed and they are poured into little molds to form the inside part of the candy. The chocolate is then rolled to make it smooth. But it will be left to cool and harden.

The chocolate centers are transported from one of the areas in the factory by conveyor belt into an area where the shell of the candy is going to be applied. Applying the shell of the candy is also known as panning. Each and every chocolate candy is given several coat of neutral color coating of the candy. Then the candies are rotated into a huge holding unit. This is to make sure that every piece is given the same or even amount of coating. Then after that, the color would be applied next. Every big batch is one specific color so as to make large number of candies.

M&MOnce the coating of the candies has already dried, they will be sent into another area of the factory for packaging. A finishing machine would weigh the candies into their specific weight and then they will be packaged into individual bags. Generally, for regular milk chocolate candy M&M’s, the breakdown is one-eighth red, one-third brown, one-eighth yellow and insignificant percentages for the blue, orange and green. They are then transported into the machine that will stamp the “m” on the shells. The machine is going to heat seals the packages to make it fresh and to ensure its taste. The chocolates are carried on a conveyor belt, and then the packages that were carefully sealed are being dumped into shipping packages and then mechanically sealed.

So this is how your favorite M&M’s chocolate candies are made. Of course there are secret ingredients and techniques that were not shown in this because of proprietary information. Aside from liquid milk chocolate, you can also try other variations such as peanut butter chocolate.

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