How is White Chocolate Made?

There is something special about white chocolate that makes it equally enticing as dark chocolate. And you guessed it right, it’s the color. There are a lot of desserts that can be made out of white chocolate so if you are a fan of it, it’s quite interesting to know how white chocolate is made.

White chocolate is produced from a combination of milk, cocoa butter and sugar. Some people argue that the term is misleading since white chocolate has small taste or appearance in common with dark chocolate, milk chocolate or anything that people thing of as chocolate. But cocoa butter come from similar cocoa beans for cocoa powder as well as other traditional chocolate, with similar process giving it the name of white chocolate.

Most makers of white chocolate in general hang bags of crushed cocoa beans in the process called Broma process. This process enables the cocoa butter to drip out of cocoa beans to leave the solids in the cocoa behind. The resultant bifurcation of the essence of beans enable the solids of the cocoa to be used for making traditional chocolate, while the cocoa butter on the other hand will be used for the production of chocolate.

Then the cocoa butter will go through the process of additional deodorizing and this is to make up for the strong unpleasant taste of the cocoa butter when it is in its natural form. When this is done, the cocoa butter will then be mixed with sugar and milk to produce the white chocolate. White chocolate should contain at least 17 percent milk, 20 percent cocoa butter and varied amount of sugar. Makers of white chocolate may also add vanilla for flavoring.

The process of making white chocolate makes no difference in producing regular chocolate, only that it does not include chocolate liquor which comes from melting down the solids of cocoa. The advantage of this is that there is no caffeine content in white chocolate, which makes it ideal for people who are not advised to eat regular chocolate due to health reasons.

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