How Are UGG Boots Made?

Authentic UGG boots are made by the UGG Australia Company and manufactured of treated skin of the sheep. Its interior is made from the skin’s fleece side, and its exterior is leather side. The twin-face sheepskin pertains to the single piece sued for the outer as well as the inner portion of the boot. This boot is constructed from Grade-A sheepskin that provides excellent air circulation and natural wicking.


Before the sheepskin is formed into boot, it will go through a complicated process of preparation. The process can take around ten days which include cleaning, tanning, drying, dying, clipping, conditioning and clipping. If the sheepskin is already cut, it will be sewn together in a boot shape. The soles are affixed with glue inside and the heel support that is leather made will be attached to the exterior of the UGG boot to provide heel support. Then the boot will be fixated into molded rubber exterior sole.

The inner soles of the UGG boots may wear down it regularly worn. According to the manufacturer of the boots, the users should be able to replace the insoles of the shoes as often as necessary for extreme comfort, moisture-wicking and warmth.

While the original color of UGG boots is tan and is the most popular or sought after choice of color among the many fans of the brand not only in Australia but all over the world, UGG boots are for women, men and children. These boots come in wide selection of colors and styles so there is literally one that can go well with your preference.

Aside from the style to choose from, there are many other benefits that UGG boots can offer to the wearer. First of all, the thermostat quality of the skin of the sheep regulates the temperature which makes the boots appropriate to wear throughout the year. Natural fleece is very soft and some types of synthetic or counterfeit fleece has rough texture and scratchy to touch. When buying this type of boot, you have to make sure you get the authentic one to get the best value for your money and experience comfort and style.

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