How Is Tiffany Stained Glass Lamp Shade Made?

The Tiffany stained glass lamp shade is very much like a puzzle. It can be done by first designing the puzzle. It could be a drawing, photograph, painting or other kinds of graphic work. After selecting the basic design, you can turn it into stained glass friendly design. Stained glass shades, panels, doors, windows and others are usually subject to stress that can easily fracture or break the glass. It is therefore important to be careful in designing the pieces and the way they relate to each other structurally in a way that it can add strength.

• Make sure to do this in the context of a beautiful design. It can be simply compared to a wall of bricks. In order for you to create a strong wall, it is not enough to simply stack the bricks in line on top of each other, but rather placing them in such a way that they could create a strong bond. This works the same with stained glass lamp shade. It is always important to retain the integrity and beauty of the object of the design.

• Once the design of the stained glass is completed, the next necessary thing to do is to create templates for each piece of glass. This is done typically by tracing the outline of the piece of glass in the design into a heavy craft paper that will be cut into individual pieces representing the individual glass piece.

Each craft paper template is laid down in a corresponding glass sheet and cut out by hand using a glass cutter tool. The edges that are rough can be smoothened using special grozing pliers. The pieces are cut out this way and laid out upon the copy of the original design to make sure that everything fits well.

• Each glass piece is wrapped individually in the edge with copper foil then placing it back into the copy of the original design for perfect fitting. The entire project can hold together with straight edges, wood frames and metal pins.

• The copper foil and zinc edges are painted with soldering flux.

• Finally, appealing patina is applied into the metal parts.

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