How is Tattoo Ink Made?

Most tattoo artists say that they can make their on ink. But what they mean by that is they either mix ready made inks together to produce unique colors or they take dry pigments and mix their on inks rather than buying ready made inks. If you are interested about making your own tattoo ink, then you have to understand that the process can be challenging and a lot of research is needed before doing it.

The things that you will need in producing your own tattoo ink are black ink, white ink, and color palette of premixed ink, distilled water, several colors of dry pigments, medical grade glycerin, witch haze, sterile blender, propylene glycol and sterile bottle for mixed ink.

The first step is to produce new colors by mixing together the ready made liquid inks. By practicing a little more, you will be able to learn the colors to be mixed to make new colors or ho you can dilute colors to make them a little bit lighter. This provides more color choices without the need to buy every tattoo ink color.
Then you can make the tattoo ink darker by adding a small drop of the black ink. If you want a much darker outcome, then, you should add more black into it. But keep in mind that a little ink could go a long way, so you should not add too much of it at once, especially when looking for subtle change.

Then make the tattoo ink lighter. To produce specific color with lighter shade, a small drop of the white ink is needed. Like the darker shade, if you want a much darker outcome, more white ink should be added into it. In addition, you should not add too much of it at once, for a little white ink could go a long way. There are some tattoo artists that experience by adding a little distilled water to make the ink lighter.

Finally, you can produce different shade or tattoo ink color. Start your experiment by adding two different colors together and discover new colors which may not be readily available. Others do this in order for them to offer more color choices to customers.

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