How Is Soap Made?

So you want to learn how is soap made? There are many people who have turned the hobby of soap making into a profitable business. It is not difficult to get started in soap making and there is very little investment required. If you want an alternative to commercially sold soaps, then you are doing yourself a favor for you can make it out of natural materials, which is best for the skin.

All soap is made from combining sodium hydroxide which is also known as lye with variety of fats or oil. Lye is a naturally occurring chemical that won’t harm your skin. Common examples of oils that can be used in the process include shea butter, coconut butter, coconut oil and olive oil. There are a lot of other natural oils that can be utilized in the process of sop making, mixing these ingredients together in different proportions. This results to the many exciting types of soap that come in many different variations.

In addition, you can add fragrances and essential oils, dried herbs flowers and colouring. You can also shape and mold it into circles, Bricks or any shape that you desire. You can express your creativity by choosing unusual shapes, other than the regular and popular ones.

If you want to start your own business in making soap, here are easy to follow steps on how to jump start your success.

• Make a lye solution by combining lye and water in their right proportion and let it cool to room furniture.

• After that, you need to take a pot and hear it in order for the oils and fat to be melted. Storing them at room temperature solidifies the mixture and it should be melted and kept warm.

• Mix the lye in and stir it using stick blender until the mixture reaches trace. It is the state where the components are mixed irreversibly together and saponification, which is a chemical process, has begun.

• Add to the mixture the fragrances, coloring and essential oils.

• Pour the soap mixture into the molds prepared and after 24 hours, take them out and place them in racks. Leave it first to cure and after four weeks or so, the soap will now be ready to use.

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