How is Plastic Made?

If you have a lot of items in your room made of plastic, you probably have wondered how is plastic made and how are they turned into something that can be useful in your daily life. Plastic is a material containing several elements such as hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, chlorine and sulfur. All of these elements are held together tightly to create heavy molecules of plastic.

Plastics are used for different applications such as water containers, dentures, chairs and many others. Bins and boxes made of plastic are widely used in strong both liquid and solid products.

Nowadays, manufacturers made paper from petroleum. The first step of the process is drilling the plastic and then transporting it into the refinery. The petroleum is processed together with natural gas to produce the ethane, propane and other petrochemical product. Ethane and propane that were formed in the refinery will then be broken down by using the furnace at high temperatures. This will result to forming the ethylene and propylene.

The ethylene and propylene are transferred into the reactor and they are combined with catalyst to produce it in a powdery form which is called polymer. The polymer is combined with additives and fed in an extruder, then it will enter the mold for processing.

The melted plastic should be cooled down before feeding it into the Pelletier in order for the polymers to be divided into small pellets. These are then used by manufacturers as raw materials for different products like containers, combs, plastic utensils and other plastic products. There are many other processes involved for the final product to be done like casting, extrusion molding, blow molding and many others.

The process takes a lot of petroleum so instead of using it to produce plastic, a better alternative is corn. Corn contains carbohydrate sugars that are very useful in forming plastic known as polylactide polymers. This is beneficial because it is renewable so that it can be produced widely. This reduces the dependency on the petroleum.

The alternative raw material which is corn can produce a lot of plastic products to meet the market demands. Now that you know how is plastic made, you should think about how to take care of it, and make it last for longer period of time.

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