How is Pizza Made?

Pizza is often a favorite meal of most Americans. They even go for super size to satisfy their cravings. Different ingredients used in topping the pizza dough create different flavors. A pizza is a round pie made with yeast dough and is often topped with fresh tomato sauce, different types of cheese and variety of other ingredients.

The first process required in making pizza is to create the pizza crust. Initially, one tablespoon of baker’s yeast is mixed with a cup of warm water and left in a warm place until the mixture becomes foamy. A number of cups of sifted flour are placed into a bowl and water and yeast mixture along with a little amount of olive oil is poured into the well made in the center of the flour. The wet ingredients are mixed into the flour using bare hands and kneaded for ten minutes on floured surface until it becomes elastic and smooth.

The kneaded dough is formed into ball, dusted with a little flour and placed in a bowl covered with damp kitchen towel. The bowl is kept in a warm place until the dough doubles in size. Then it will be kneaded again for a minute and rolled into the floured surface.

Then a half of cup of tomato is topped over the pizza dough. The sauce is spread over the surface and the shredded cheeses are added on top of the tomato sauce. Other ingredients such as bell peppers, pepperoni, pine apple, basil and various types of cheese are added into the topping to add flavor.

Then the pizza is baked using wide metal pizza peel. The pizza is eased into the metal pan that feature flat and circular bottom set in a round metal frame. After baking the pizza, the outer frame is then removed. The pizza stones are made of clay is like old-fashioned brick ovens. Since the clay is porous, it is capable of absorbing moisture. The pizza is baked at 230 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes until the cheese bubbles. The pain is removed from the oven with the peel. Then the pizza is allowed to sit for about five minutes before they are cut into slices with pizza wheel.

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