How is Parmesan Cheese Made?

One of the easiest cheeses to make is parmesan cheese. But it actually takes at least five months for it to take form. The ingredients needed to make this type of cheese are fresh slim milk, tablet of rennet, thermophilic starter culture and brine which is a water and salt solution. The equipments you need to have includes refrigerator, bowl, cheese grater, whisk, cheesecloth lined mold and cheesecloth lined colander.

First, boil the milk to about 100 degrees and incorporate the thermophilic starter culture. Allow the mixture to ripen for an hour. Then dissolve the tab in cold water and pour it over the milk. Stir the mixture continuously for five minutes using wire whisk.

Then set the milk mixture for an hour and thirty minutes in order for the curd to form. Cut the curd into cubes and let them sit for ten minutes. After that, you need to raise the temperature of the milk into 124 degrees. Continue stirring the curds so it won’t stick together. Make sure to maintain the curds at the same temperature until they become firm and small.

Using cheesecloth lined colander, drain the whey and place the curds in a cheesecloth lined mold. Then press the cheese at 10lbs for about half an hour. Remove and flip the press and press it at 25 lbs for another half and hour. And finally, flip the cheese again, and then press it for 12 hours.

After that, the cheese should be removed from the pres and float in the cold water and salt solution for thirty hours. Then remove the cheese and let it dry. Place the cheese into the ref for at least five months. Make sure to flip the cheese every other day for the first few weeks and then do it once weekly. Place an overturned bowl on the cheese after two days. Also, you have to check the cheese if there are molds developing. In case you see molds developing, remove the area of the mold.

Finally, grate the cheese if you are ready to use it. You can use it any time after five months. But remember that if you keep it a little longer, strong flavors start to develop.

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