How is Paper Made?

We all know that paper is made out of trees. What most of us do not know is which part of the tree paper is specifically made. You probably have asked yourself, “how is paper made and how do they turned white?”

Modern paper making makes no different on how it was done in the ancient times. There is a slight modification of the process for an easier and perhaps faster mass production.

The process starts by taking the bark of the cut tree. This is done by rotating the trees and rubbing them against each other to remove the bark. This is followed by chipping the log. It involves turning huge logs into thousands of little wood chips. Then the wood is cleaned out until only the usable parts remain. Paper manufacturers do it in two ways – chemical pumping and mechanical pulping. The first method is done by soaking and cooking the chips in sodium sulfide and sodium hydroxide. The second method involves grinding the wood into pulp. The process makes more usable wood for the next steps, but it actually makes the paper lower in quality.

The next step is bleaching to purify whatever is left on the wood. If you used chemical pulping in the previous step, then extra bleaching is required. After that, paper machine will be used to soak the wood fiber in water and minerals. The machines crush the paper, squeezing water out of it. Heaters are used to dry the paper. There are some manufacturer that coats the dried paper with minerals and chemicals to make paper of higher quality. A thin coating is then applied to make it easier to print and write on.

To make the surface of the paper smoother, heating it u and placing through giant rollers are necessary. Finally, the sheet converting is done by cutting the paper into little sheets.

Now that you know how is paper made, you probably have thought how long the process it before it is shipped and sold in stores. Paper is one of the essential items in our lives. It is used for writing, drawing, printing and almost anything you can think of. Offices, schools and most business establishing can’t do without papers. However, it is important to note than even though there is abundant supply of paper, it should not be wasted.

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