How is Nail Polish Made?

There are some ladies out there who always want new and fresh nail polishes to match their outfits and to go well with their style. Nail polish often compliments the entire outfit and they are noticeable especially when the colors are really cute. So how is nail polish made?

Nail polishes are massed produced for its large consumer market. They are mainly composed of nitrocellulose compounds. This ingredient is dissolved in ethyl acetate liquids or butyl acetate. When it is dissolved in a mixture including additives, but not limited to film that form compound, coloring agents, resins and adhesive resins are added in. The polymers cement to the nail bed, keeping the polish on the nail. When the polish dries, the polymers harden and this is the reason why the polish does not slide off the nail.

However, there were strict regulations of manufacturers of nail polish led into the decreased levels and contents of toxins and other compounds that are potentially toxic in the polish. The polish mixtures that were made in the past include formaldehyde. But these days, there are majority of cosmetic companies have eliminated the use of this chemical in creating nail polish.

The exact combination of the materials and components being used in nail polish is guarded secret by cosmetic manufacturer in the business. Most of the time, the compounds are placed in their labels. However, percentage of the mixture used in creating nail polish is rather kept secret or unknown.

Water-based nail polish is considered more eco-friendly but requires caution because water is capable of absorbing through the fingernail.

When there is nail polish, it is essential to have nail polish remover to easily get rid of the polish when you want to. While there is a combination of acetate solvents, nitrocellulose compounds, resins, coloring agents and adhesive polymers, the nail polish remover is then made of organic solvent and alcohol compounds, usually ethyl acetate or acetone to break down the components in nail polish. Nail polish remover should be keep away from children’s health because they contain harmful materials.

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