How is Lotion Made?

Body lotion is a basic recipe of water and oil mixed with an emulsifier of wax. If you know how to make lotions, you can just imagine the money you are going to save.

Making lotion at home can be one way to help those with sensitive and allergic skin. Lotions can also be made with natural ingredients without the chemicals that can trigger sensitivity. When the basic recipe for mixing the lotion has already been accomplished, the fun can begin with experimentations like the use of other ingredients such as green tea, rather of water. Replacing or soaking the oils in bee pollen, straining the mixture and using the oil residue could add variety into lotions and creams.

If you have skin issues like Psoriasis and Eczema, it is recommended to learn how to make your own lotion. Incorporating 10% pine tar using castor oil for oils and in mixing nutmeg or cinnamon to cut the tar small will produce a pleasant smelling and perfect lotion for skin irritation and Psoriasis or Eczema.

Adding 10% pine tar at the mixing stage of making the lotion, using castor oil for the oils and mixing cinnamon or nutmeg to cut the pine tar smell will make a pleasant smelling and wonderful lotion for skin irritations as well as Eczema or Psoriasis.

The items that are required in making lotion include sterile and clean working area, double boiler, hand mixer or blender, large boiling point, large and small spoon, measuring cups, rubber spatula, stainless steel bowl, mesh stranger and assorted containers or bottles. Before getting started, make sure to check beforehand if you have all ingredients available. These ingredients include oil, emulsifying wax, water, fragrance and colorant. Combine the oils, emulsifying wax and water together for this will serve as the base for the lotion.

After that, the essential or fragrance oils will be added into the base. This will provide aromatherapy effect into the lotion. Next, add the colorants preferably from natural sources. Take note that if there are more natural ingredients, the better it will be for the skin. And finally, bottle or place the lotion product in a jar.

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