How is Ice Cream Made?

Everybody loves ice cream. In fact, even in the middle of winter and cold rainy days, people can’t resist the satisfaction they get the moment their favorite ice cream land on their tongue. If you are craving for ice cream, you need not to drive to the nearest store for you can make your own ice cream, using your own blender. You can experiment as many flavors as you would like to.

The process of making ice cream using no equipment other than blender is very easy.

The first step is preparing all of the ingredients needed to make the ice cream. These ingredients include frozen fruit of your choice. If you wish to make chocolate ice cream, then you need to get chocolate syrup and for vanilla ice cream, one vanilla bean is required. You also have to prepare the other ingredients such as heavy whipping cream or a can of coconut cream that is freeze in ice cream tray, super fine sugar, nuts or candy and pure vanilla extract.

If you are using fresh fruit, make sure to freeze them overnight, as well as the whipping cream or cream of coconut. If you are only planning to make one or two servings, the exact ingredients to be placed in the blender include a cup of frozen fresh fruit, chocolate syrup or vanilla bean that is split lengthwise using a paring knife and seeds are removed from the inside before they are added into the blender.

Then a cup of heavy whipping cream of cream of coconut, super fine sugar starting with quarter of a cup or more to taste and 1 ½ teaspoon of pure vanilla extract.

Blend the mixture at a high speed until smooth and creamy texture and appearance is achieved. Pour the mixture into a freezer container and freeze it for up to two hours until the smooth texture turns to be firm. After about an hour, you can add in your favorite candy, nuts, chocolate chips, sweetened coconut or any other ingredient you want. Freeze it for another hour or more. You are now ready to scoop and enjoy your ice cream.

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