How is Fabric Made?

Sometimes when we think about wearing clothes, what they usually think about is if the fabric feels warm or cold and if they match each other. Not many of us think how is fabric made? For those who are curious about how fabrics from their clothes were made and how they turned out to be the clothes, handkerchiefs, table cloth and others people are using right now.

Fabric is made by weaving yarn or threads together. These are knitted and usually have one piece of yarn involved. But most of these fabrics are made from many different threads that travel in two directions.

There are two ways to make fabric. The traditional way of doing it is by using the hands. It is a time consuming task and very tricky. But there are some people in different parts of the world that use hands to make fabric. Nowadays, fabric is made using machine called a loom. It is a big framework which holds of the thread in place. Because it is easier to use, most fabric manufacturers can make a lot of fabric than using hands.

When weaving fabrics, there are two distinct types of threads that are involved in the process namely the warp and weft. The first type which is the warp threads run up and down the fabric length. There are a lot of them and they run on the side, very close to each other. On the other hand, the weft threads run sideways across the fabric and they do over the warp thread and under the next, over another warp thread and the under the one which is after it. The process basically involved going over and under and then over and under, all the way across the fiber. This process of weaving holds the two types of threads together.

The process of weaving thread has been around for over thousands of years. People use the manual process of weaving in the ancient times while at present, there are tools especially designed to make weaving an easy and time saving process. It actually makes not difference in weaving baskets, which has also been around and popular for thousands of years.

Now that you know how is fabric made, you certainly are aware that making it is not the easiest thing to do. But since they are readily available, you don’t have to think about making one on your own.

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