How Is Emu Oil Made?

Emu is a flightless, large bird indigenous to Australia. The body fat of this bird is the source of emu oil. It is a versatile product that comes from the refined and rendered fat of a bird related to ostrich. According to the American Emu Association, this oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and healing properties. In fact, it is used in industries that manufacture body treatments and cosmetics.

Emus usually mature at a slow rate than other types of birds. These birds are rarely butchered before their second year of life. The slaughtering technique for emus is the same to the methods that were also used for small fowls such as turkeys and chickens. Trucks will carry these birds into the slaughterhouse. There are machines that will break the necks of the emus. But they have to be handled gently because any rough handling can cause these animals to get injured or suffer pre-slaughter death.

Emus have thick padding of fat on their back are. This helps them survive during famine periods in the wild. Manufacturers of emu oil extract unrefined product from this area where there is concentrated source of the bird’s natural oil. While other manufacturers would throw away the remaining part of the emu’s body, there are some who market that emu meat and leather as health food or novelty item. Feet and other by products such as nerve tissue and feathers can be incinerated, thrown away or sold to manufacturers of pet food.

The manufacturers of refine emu oil employ a combination of chemical, thermal and mechanical techniques. Refrigeration and heat can isolate the saturated portions of emu oil. The mechanical filters will help in eradicating organic contaminants and other impurities. There are other companies who are using lipophilic compounds that would isolate the fatty acids that are naturally found in emu oil. Because several forms of emu oil have undesired odor, most manufacturers of emu oil may incorporate artificial fragrances to help improve the commercial appeal of the product.

Manufacturers of cosmetics and medicinal treatments are using emu oil because it is associated with beneficial effects.

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