How Is Cream Made

Cream is a dairy product that is made up of higher layer of butterfat skimmed from the milk top before it is homogenized. In milk that is un-homogenized, over time, the fat which is lighter, will rise to the top. In industries producing cream, the procedure is hastened by using centrifuges that are known as separators. In most countries, cream is sold in various grades, depending on the overall butterfat content. This dairy product is also dried to powder when it is to be shipped to distant markets.

Cream that is mixed from milk is called sweet cream to recognize it from whey cream that is skimmed from whey, the by product of making cheese. Whey cream contains lower amount of fat and tastes a little more tangy, salty and cheesy.

Cream is produced by cattle that graze on natural pasture usually contains some natural pigments that are derived from the plants that are eating. This provides the cream with slight yellow tone, therefore the name of the color which is yellowish-white cream. Cream that is derived from the milk of goat or cows that are fed indoors is white in color.

As said earlier, this dairy product is comprised of layers of high butterfat that is skimmed off over the top of milk before it is homogenized. Today, cream is being used for culinary purposes. Cream is added with stabilisers and thickening agents. These thickeners include carrageenan, alginate, sodium bicarbonate, gelatine, alginic acid, tetrasodium pyrophosphate. The other processing can be carried out. For instance, cream has a tendency of producing oily globules when it is being added to coffee.

The stability of the cream can be increased by raising its non-fat solid content that can be done by partial addition of sodium caseinate. For cooking purposes, both double and single cream can be used in cooking, though the former could separate when it is heated if there is high content of acid. Most non-edible substances are known creams merely because of their consistency. In some cases, foods can be described as cream, though they do not predominantly contain milk fats.

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