How is Cocaine Made?

Cocaine is one of the drugs that people are becoming addicted into. There are some people who don’t know about the drug, how it is a problem, why it is a problem and how it is made.

There are more than two hundred plants that belong to the cocaine plant family. This includes the erythoxlum species and seventeen of the more than hundred plants that can be used in making this drug. Most cocaine is produced in South America.

Approximately four to six times yearly, the leaves of the cocoa plant are taken then the process starts. The leaves are crushed first before they are chopped and pounded. This will be mixed into the alcohol, gasoline, kerosene solution. This will allow the drug to separate from the leaves. Then only the liquid cocaine is left. Then there is also a waxy material that will be removed and this is done by cooling the mixture. What the makers want is the waxy material alone for this is called the cocaine alkaloids. These are taken and treated with kerosene. After that, they will remove the kerosene and the crystals left are dissolved providing the acid which is cocaine.

Then after that, the freebase cocaine is taken and turn into salt. This will now be known as the hydrochloric cocaine. It needs to be turned into this so it won’t lose its effect to people who will use the drug. But they can also be turned into water soluble sometimes. The person who needs to take it will simply inject it. There are people who liked this method because it is quickly absorbed into the blood stream and the effect or high is much more intense.

When the cocaine is free based and converted into hydrochloric cocaine, you will be able to find that it is treated with chemicals. The chemicals added include ammonia, ether or baking soda that is the normally smoked types. Most of what is used in making cocaine depends on the ingredients that are available to those who want to make it. It is very important that one is aware of the incorporated chemicals into the drug.

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