How Is Chocolate Milk Made?

Chocolate milk is made using regular milk and then adding in cocoa flavoring that can be in liquid or powder form. Usually consumed by young adults and children, chocolate milk is said to have the perfect combination of required nutrients for athletes. Aside from the nutritional benefits, chocolate milk is a favorite as well of chocolate lovers and can be purchased pre-mixed in gallons or individual sizes.

Chocolate milk is a beverage that is made with two ingredients, chocolate and milk that is well-loved by people. This combination is popular as well in the form of solid candy called milk chocolate. One of the reasons why people love milk chocolate is its smooth texture and flavor. It has a creamy texture and the chocolate flavor is sweetened by sugars in milk. The pre-mixed chocolate milk is available in grocery stores but there are many people who preferred buying separate chocolate and milk in order for them to have more control over the milk fat content used and the flavor of chocolate desired.

Chocolate milk has oxalic acid that initially resulted researchers to believe that calcium in chocolate milk would not be absorbed readily by the body. Oxalic acid binds with prevent absorption and calcium but present in smaller amounts that it has negligible effects, sufficient calcium is free to be absorbed by the body.
The fast replacement of nutrient from chocolate milk can create a huge difference in the performance of the person everyday and it is very easy drink for children that engage in athletic activities. A lot of children are not getting enough calcium, vitamin D and potassium in their diet and by drinking chocolate milk, they will be provided by the essential nutrients they need.

Chocolate milk needs to be stored in a refrigerator like regular milk but is heated sometimes to make hot chocolate drink. It can be heated in microwave and can be enjoyed during cold weather and is topped deliciously with whipped cream. Chocolate milk is nutritious for adults and children as it can provide nourishment and strength. There is also low fat chocolate available and can provide still with calcium and carbohydrates but a little less fat and sugar that whole milk.

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