How is Chocolate Made?

If you are a chocolate lover and eats this food everyday, it surely comes to your mind on how is chocolate made? The process starts with a simple bean that brings the darkness, sweetness, slight bitterness of that favorite chocolate you eat at work or at home. A small bean can go along way and see how a small bean can be turned into some of the delicious concoctions in the world.

The cacao bean or seed originating from a fruit bearing tree undergoes goes a long process before it can be indulged. To make chocolates, specific chain of events takes place first before the cacao bean is turned into a delectable and irresistible piece of chocolate.

The first process involves harvesting the cacao by hand. If the fruit is collected and opened up, the beans are extracted and the pulp is removed. After that, the beans will undergo the fermentation process which is a long process and takes 5 to 6 days to complete. During this period, the natural sugars of the fruit start to create alcohol and it is the pulp that is transformed in the liquid. It is during this process as well that the deep and dark brown color of the chocolate starts to come forth.

After completing the fermentation process, the beans will now dried and continue the process of making delicious chocolate. The drying process can be achieved by placing the beans under the extreme heat of the sun. This process is longer than fermenting the beans for it takes two weeks to complete. This is the secret to creating high quality chocolates. However, to places than handle high volume of the product, they complete the process using hot air, which results to less desirable and low quality chocolates.

After that drying process, the chocolates will be processed through roasting that can be likened to creating coffee. Fine chocolates are produced in the roasting process with temperature of about 210 degrees. This normally takes a couple of minutes to do. If you want to achieve bitter taste, longer roast can be used. The next step is known as winnowing or filtering the chocolate. The cacaos are shelled and are made ready for the grinder until eventually creating tasty.

How is chocolate made? It takes time and patience to achieve rich and deep flavored chocolate that can lift your mood.

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