How Is Chewing Gum Made?

Chewing gum is a flavored, sweetened confection that is primarily composed of latex, both artificial and natural. The organic latex, which is a milky white fluid that is being produced by different seed plants is known best as the main rubber component. So many years ago and even today, chewing gum has been used as snack even if it does not have nutritive value and when people finished chewing it, they generally throw it away instead of swallowing it. Chewing gums simply provide pleasure to anyone, the reason why many people are buying it.

The recipes for chewing gum that is manufactured today have the same main ingredient namely gum base, sweeteners and flavorings. Some gums are containing softeners like vegetable oil and glycerin. The amount of each incorporated to the mix would vary as to which type of gum is manufactured.

Although gum manufacturers guard their recipes carefully, they all have the same basic process to reach the finished product. The preparation of the gum base at its factory, by far the longest step required that the raw materials for the gum should be melted down in sterilized steam cooker and then dumped to high powered centrifuge to remove any unwanted bark or dirt of the gum base.

If the melted gum base is already cleaned, they combine around 20% of the base, 16% corn syrup, 1% flavoring oils like peppermint, spearmint and cinnamon and 63% sugar. While it is warm still, they run the mixture between the roller pairs that are coated on either side with powdered sugar, to prevent the gum ribbon that resulted from it from sticking. The last roller pairs come equipped fully with knives that snip the ribbon to sticks that another machine will wrap individually.

The gum base in the recipes is manufactured. In the past, the entire gum base directly came from milky white sap of the sapodilla tree that is found in Guatemala and Mexico. The natives were collecting the white sap by the bucketful and then boil it down. It will be molded into 25 pound blocks and then ship it to the chewing gum factories.

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