How is Cheddar Cheese Made

Cheddar cheese is a yellow orange, semi-hard cheese which has variation in sharpness. Its name is derived from an English village and is very well-known in the UK. With simple ingredients and tools, you will be able to make your own cheddar cheese from your home.

The first step in making cheddar cheese is heating the milk in large pot to 88 degrees. Then the buttermilk is going to be stirred in. It should be allowed to sit for an hour while maintaining the temperature. This will be accomplished by allowing the pot to sit in the sink filled partially with warm water.

Then the rennet will be added containing a proteolytic enzyme that coagulates milk, dividing it into curds and whey into the cool water. Then stir the mixture of water-rennet in the milk for thirty seconds. While keeping the temperature, allow the mixture sit for about 45 minutes. At this point, the milk separates into solids and liquids.

Cut the curds into smaller cubes and allow them to set for 25 minutes. Stir them slowly for 45 minutes while increasing the temperature gradually to 98 degrees. When the curds have settled into the bottom, pour the excess liquids out. Strain the curds using a colander for ten minutes. Then pour back the curds into the pot, add non-iodized salt and thoroughly mix. The pot of curds should be allowed to sit in warm water for an hour and frequently stir it.

The press will be lined with cheesecloth. If you don’t have a press, you need to cut both ends of large can of coffee. The cheesecloth can be improvised from clean pillow case. Into the cheesecloth, pour the curds and place a wood follow over the cheese and apply 15 pounds of pressure for 20 minutes. Redress the curds using new cheesecloth and cover with wood follow and apply 30 pounds pressure for a couple of hours. Do the same procedure again and apply about 30 to 40 pounds of pressure overnight.

Remove the curds from cheesecloth and air dry for about 3 to 5 days. The curds are to be coated in cheese wax and age it for two six months at a temperature of 55 degrees.

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