How is Candy Made?

Candy evolved as a way of satisfying sweet tooth and is made originally from simple honey syrup. However, nowadays, candies can be sweetened using refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, honey and fruit juices. If you want to know how candies are made, here are the tricks, the tools and the techniques used in making candy.

In the candy-making process, you need to prepare candy molds, candy pieces, candy thermometer, copper kettle, lollipop mold and sticks.

Mold candies are created by pouring in the melted compounds of sugar into a resin or plastic candy mold. This candy can be made from gelatin, simple sugar mixtures or chocolate. They are commonly used for holiday candies and can be shaped into holiday designs of your choice.

Then pick the molds you want for your candy. You can visit hobby shops to look for candy molds. Then you can look for seasonal shapes such as cartoon characters and other icons.
Buy all of the ingredients you need to fill the molds. Look for flavored candy chips, melting white chocolate or dark chocolate and caramel flavored chips.

Next is to prepare your molds. It is important to wash and sterilize the candy molds before using. Even though molds are going to be safe, it is always ideal to make sure you clean them first before using it. After cleaning, set up molds on level surface and cover it with wax paper.

Melt the candy chips with a double boiler. After that, pour the melted candy into the molds you prepared. Then pour the melted candy level with the mold’s top. Allow the candy to cool down and then set it up. This can take about few minutes to few hours, depending on the type of candy that you poured. Once it’s cooled, pop them out of the molds and then serve.
So if you have sweet tooth and you can’t resist the taste of candy, you don’t have to buy the commercially sold ones for you can create it straight from your home. You can even choose to create designs on your own and decide on the size that you want.

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