How is Cadbury Chocolate Made?

Cadbury makes variety of delicious chocolates. But their two main products are Cadbury Old Gold® dark chocolate and Cadbury Dairy Milk® chocolate. If you have ever wondered why the taste and texture of Cadbury chocolate is so special, it is because it is based on long traditions of expertise in making chocolate through their recipe and processing methods that made it unique among other chocolate brands.

The Process Chocolate Making

The production starts at the cocoa factory in Singapore, where top quality cocoa beans are being processed in order for the cocoa mass to be produced. It contains cocoa butter and 53% cocoa. After the chocolate has been made, the mass goes straight to the factories of Cadbury, in Tasmania or Victoria.

The fresh full cream milk which will be incorporated in the chocolate is collected, condensed and shipped into the factories. Then sugar will be added into the condensed milk with some of the mass of cocoa, to achieve a rich and creamy chocolate liquid. It will then be evaporated making the milk chocolate crumb.

While the ingredients are cooking together, a special creamy and rich chocolate is produced.

The moment it arrived at the chocolate factory, the crumb will be passed through a pin mill, mixing it with cocoa butter and cocoa liquor and the special flavoring for the chocolate. The amount of emulsifier to be added depends on the required consistency of the chocolate.

The dark chocolate and milk will undergo the same final special phases of production such as refining, conching and then tampering. This produced the smoothness and gloss of Cadbury chocolate.

Conching is the process of mixing and stirring vigorously the semi-liquid mixture to produce the flavor and to remove any unwanted flavor.

Tampering is the last crucial stage as it involves mixing and cooling the chocolate in liquid form under carefully assured conditions to make sure that the fat in the in the chocolate crystallizes in a stable manner. The skills of a chocolatier are needed in the process.

The blocks of solid chocolate are known as moulded products, and they are complimented with ingredients such as raisins and nuts.

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