How Is Bottled Water Made

Bottled Water

Consumers should known that all bottled water is not spring water which came from serene source surrounded by green and lush meadows or snow glaciers. The industry for bottled water popularized this myth as a way of convincing consumers or buyers that drinking bottled water tastes better and healthier than drinking water from tap at home, though bottled water is more than tap water that is packed in fancy bottles.

Depending on the area where you reside and the treatment used by your public water system, it is undeniable that bottled water is better tasting than water from the sink. But it is actually easy to improve the taste of tap water and can even allow you to save hundreds of dollars every year while preserving the environment by making your own purified or bottled tap water at your very own home.

To make bottled water, you need to have carbon-based home water filtration system, tea kettle or pot and reusable beverage containers.

First of all, you have to run water from cold tap for few moments to flush pipe and to make sure that water is cold. In case your local water system is known to contain lead, you must follow this procedure before you filter water with carbon-based system to ready it for boiling and drinking. Then filter water through your home filtration system to eliminate common contaminants like metals, chlorine and pesticides.

Fill the tea kettle or pot with filtered water and heat to boil for a minute to ensure that any microorganisms are removed that may cause various types of diseases. Use another minute to boil it for good measure to really make sure that all contaminants are removed. After that, you have to cool boiled water using your pot or kettle that is easy to touch that would normally take few hours. Finally, pour cooled water into clean beverage containers and place it to the refrigerator until they are ready to drink.

Creating your own bottled water is possible at home but if you want a faster way of drinking mineral water, buying them at your grocery stores is a much better alternative.

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