How is Beer Made?

how beer is made

How Beer Is Made

Beer is one of the most favorite beverages around the world. It is in fact one of the oldest alcoholic drinks that is still in production. One main reason why this drink is very popular is because it is relatively easy to make and only require few ingredients. The four main ingredients require in making beer include water, yeast, barley and hops. All beers are made with exactly the same ingredients and only differ in the amount used for each ingredient and the variation in the brewing process.

Though the ingredients used are really simple, the standards are undoubtedly high. The water used in making beer should be purified and the barley malt must be screened for any imperfections in its growth and quality.

The first step in producing beer involves filtering the barley through a pipe that adds water to the grains to help them release or produce more sugars. Then the grains are mashed in a giant metal pot which is used to break down the starches and at the same time ferments the mix.

Then the mix is recirculated with a filter, and then more water is poured into the mixture. This is called sparging which is very essential to ensure that all of the sugars are being extracted from the grains. The mix will then be boiled into a special giant kettle with double bottom for 90 minutes. This allows the steam to circulate. After that, the hops are added to provide that bitter taste characteristic of beer and the mix will be drained for the liquid and solid separation. After cooling the liquids, the yeast is added and it will be stored for fermentation. Then its flavors are added at the end.

Making beer can be a delicate process and as the liquid changes containers several times and breweries need to ensure that the mix is free of any contamination at any point. Beer can also be brewed at home with simple set of materials that can be found in home brewing stores. However, the variation is that home brewed beer doesn’t possess the same taste batch after batch. This is because it is impossible to get the entire ingredients match exactly the same every time.

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