How is Almond Milk Made?

Almond milk can be a great alternative for milk especially for individuals who are lactose intolerant, or simply those who are suffering from milk allergies. Actually, this tasty milk substitute is not really milk, but rather drink produced from almonds. It is basically low in fat, rich in calcium and sources of vitamins and you can make your own almond drink, right at the comfort of your home in these simple steps. Not only that it is delicious, it is also good for your health.

The first step to make your own almond milk is to soak the almonds in water overnight. This can be done at least 8 hours and about 12 hours the most. Soaking can soften the almonds well for use. However, this one is optional. Then after that, you need to drain the water from the almonds.

Next, blend the almonds in four cups of filtered water by adding vanilla extract and blend the mixture well. If you want, you can sweeten the almond milk by adding honey, rice syrup or any other healthy sweetener to taste.

After that, you will have to strain the mixture and this one is very important if you don’t want to drink almond pulp in the milk. By using a fine strainer or sieve, you can pour the almond milk through filter into large bowl underneath it. The almond pulp will be retained in the filter and then the liquid will go through it. You should also squeeze the remaining pulp in order for the last of the liquid to be removed. It would be easy to do if you use cloth. The left over can then be dried and used to incorporate more fiber into your diet.

You can store the almond milk into the ref for four to seven days. Shaking is required before serving to remix the liquid. After a week, the almond milk can now be used with wide range of foods that you usually use dairy milk in cooking, drinking and to blend in cereals. If you love almond milk, you should consider drinking it often for it is good for your health.

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