How is a Football Made

Wilson Official NFL Game Football

Wilson Official NFL Game Football

Wilson footballs are the official NFL game footballs. In contrary to the popular belief, footballs are not actually constructed of pigskin, instead from butchered cows hide. In the initial steps of creating a football, a whole side hide of the cow will be used. Footballs that are of higher quality are made from the rear of the cow hide. On the other hand, the less quality ones are produced from the belly or lower area.

Football shaped stencil more like of a cookie cutter will be positioned upon the hide. The machine will press upon the cutter which will cut out a panel in football shape. This will be repeated over again until the whole hide will be used up making the football panels.

When the panels are cut, they will be sent into a machine for pressing. In this step, logos are going to be placed on the number of panels. Once the pressing is done, the leather panels are to be sewn together using vinyl cotton panel which will provide it with added stability and strength. After lining the panels, the lined panels will be together sewn wrong side out. The only ball opening is where the laces are going to be.

The football will now be placed on the machine which flatten the ends, and on to the second machine which will break the ends in. The football now needs to be turned inside out. To turn the football inside out easily, it will be placed in the steam box. This will soften the leather and make the turning process much easier. The polyeurethane bladder will then be placed inside the ball. It is the bladder that holds in the air. A number of pounds of air pressure are pumped in the ball giving it sufficient shape for the lacers to put in the laces into the ball.

When the laces are on, the ball will be placed in a machine which places over a hundred points of air pressure in the ball. After the ball came out of the pressuring machine, it will go back down to 13 pounds of air pressure and is ready then to be packed and sent in its final destination.

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