How are Vitamins Made

Vitamins are organic compounds required in tiny amounts in human diets to sustain life and health. With the absence of vitamins, the human body could become prone to different diseases and variety of syndromes. They are named by letters such as Vitamins A, C, D, K, E and B vitamins group.

The manufacturer of the vitamin will first purchase the raw vitamins in addition to the other ingredients. Mostly, the manufacturers test the raw materials for analysis. If herbs will be added into the vitamin capsule, they are going to be subjected for testing on the identity and potency and it is bacteria-contaminated.

The raw vitamins come in fine powder and don’t require preliminary processing. In case the ingredients do not come in fine granules, they must be returned through ground and mill. Some vitamins are pre-blended with filler such as microcrystalline cellulose as it can create a more granule which could further aid the processing steps. Technicians in the laboratory may run the test in matches when they are working with relatively newer ingredients and they determine as well if it needs to be pre-blended.

In order for the vitamins to come in the form of tablet, the precise size is important in terms of figuring out the formula as well as how well it is running in the machine where the tablet will be processed. In some cases, the raw vitamins are milled into the appropriate some for tabletting while in other cases, they require the step for wet granulation. In this technique the fine vitamin powder will be mixed with different cellulose particles before wetting them.

Then the mixture is going to be set for drying and then the formula can be chunks and are sized by running it through the mill. This forces the chunk through the small holes of the desired diameter of granules and these granules will be weighed before mixing them. Once the granules are ready, they are going to be weighed in order for the required weight to be achieved for each ingredient. After weighing, all the ingredients are dumped for mixing. Then it will be followed by the mixture encapsulation and they are going to be compressed into tablets with the coating. The vitamins will be run in the polishing machine.

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