How are Tables Made?

A table is a basic piece of furniture consisting of a flat top and supported by sets of legs or pillars. The top is either made of wood, stone, metal or even synthetic materials like plastic. If you want to know the answer to the question how are tables made, below are steps that follow to create your own table and have it displayed in your office or home.

• First step is to create a sketch first and pencil in your rough dimensions. The dimensions vary based on the kind of table you want to construct.

• Next step is to consider where you want to place the table in creating dimensions. It is important to be the size that you need.

• Using the rough dimensions, you have to identify how much wood you need. Make sure to add a little extra in case you will need more. When purchasing wood, soft wood like pine is a good choice to start for beginners. For experienced ones, popular would be great. However, if the table is intended for outdoors, redwood or treated wood is an excellent choice.

• After buying the wood you need, your next step is to construct the table top and there are two methods of doing this, by planking and by using a single sheet of wood. Planking is cost effective than single sheet.

• Cut, glue and clinch the table top and leave it overnight.

• The next step is to create the undertable. It is a square of wood which attaches to the table top and at the same time supports the legs to prevent them from moving side to side. Then you have to create the legs. Cut one leg to the size preferable to you and cut the other three legs with the same size and clamp all together the legs you made.

• Attach the legs afterwards applying glue to the top of the legs and interior side of the undertable. To secure the legs, fasten screws – not nails. Wait for the glue to dry.

• Sand the table to the level of finish you want to achieve and if you desire, you can apply wood treatments such as varnish and stain.

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