How are Sunglasses Made?

Sunglasses are eyewear designed to protect the eyes against intense heat of the sun. Our eyes are very sensitive to light and can be damaged easily due to overexposure to radiation. Sunglasses were made originally to minimize distracting glare, allowing more comfortable viewing when in an environment with bright light. There are a lot of people who can’t get out of their house without a pair of eyeglasses. If you are one of them, you probably are interested on how sunglasses are made.

Sunglasses are made of a pair of light-filtering lenses and frame that would hold them in place. Majority of these lenses are made of colored plastic including polycarbonate. In most quality brands however, glass is commonly used. High quality lenses are great options because they are optically accurate, and don’t distort lines and shapes. Like camera lenses, the lenses of sunglasses are made from polish optical glass and distortion free ground.

Both metallic oxide pigments and soluble organic dyes are added to the lens material in order for to absorb or reflect light of various frequencies. These two additives should not distort colors in an excessive way. For instance, badly colored lenses may take it very difficult to recognize color.

On the other hand, gray lenses are the ones producing the least distortion for a lot of people. But some of them also consider amber and brown. Blue and purple may seem like not good color choices because they are likely to distort too much color. Therefore, the additives must block at least the part of the blue light that is a part of the lower frequency UV rays. There are several chemical coatings added to the lens to enhance viewing as they reduce the reflection of excessive light.

The frames of the sunglasses are either made from plastic or metal. Metal frames which are specifically expensive ones are made of often of combination of nickel and other metals like silver. Most of these frames have features that are accurately engineered which include the gimbaled and sculpted nose pads, flexible temples and even durable hinges that come with self-locking screws.

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