How are Shoes Stitch Made?

Shoes are considered very important items to complete the wardrobe of both men and women. If you have high interest in shoes, you probably have thought, “How are shoes made?”

Good shoes can create a beautiful compliment to one’s outfit. They are made from different materials such as leather, vinyl, rubber, canvas and many others. Shoes and the materials they are made from are worn depending on the occasion and the situation. One type of shoe that almost every man owns is leather shoes. These shoes are made from different animals hide and they are highly popular because they are easy to maintain and gives comfortable feel to the user.

Handmade shoes are not only comfortable and durable, they are also unique for each pair is stitched for a particular buyer. You will not find anyone wearing the same shoes as yours while walking down the road. The price is a little bit high, but it really worth it.

There are few basic steps on how to stitch a shoe:

• To start with, the shoe’s insole must be attached to the surface of the last.

Then the upper sections need to be attached to the insole and last.

• And lastly, the sole must be attached to the upper

Shoes have four basic parts, the insoles, last, sole and upper. All of these parts complete the shoe that can be worn with the comfortable feel and provides ease when worn.

The shoe’s upper part is made of different materials such as leather from pigs, goats and cows. Besides leather, denim materials, polyester fabrics and many others are also used.

Handmade shoes are really expensive because they are custom made. Many people spend money in order for them to acquire one of a kind shoe. There is nothing wrong about buying regular shoes. However, for those who are conscious about the way they look, they would opt for much costlier type. They are not difficult to find for the internet can offer you information on where you can find and purchase hand made shoes fit for your taste and requirement.

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