How are Shoes Made?

Shoes are primarily made for protection and utility. However, these days, they are more of a fashion statement. Many people are fascinated by the many styles and designs of shoes, fill their closets and even buy as many pair of shoes they can afford. With so many people who shop for shoes everyday, it has become the reasons why the shoes manufacturing industry remains to be a very profitable business. If you are a huge fan of shoes, you probably have wondered, how are shoes made?

Shoes are made from different materials, leather, vinyl, canvas, fiber and even plastic. They can either be custom made or mass produced. Custom made shoes are considered more expensive the reason why most people would opt for mass produced because not only that they are comfortable, they also are affordable. Leather is the first choice of many people, derived from pigs, snakes cows or deer. Genuine leather can be distinguished from hybrid version with differences in thickness, softness and even stretch features.

Hand made or custom made shoes are in high demand due to their unique style and comfort. They are made in accordance to the patterns of the feet and reckoning the height or weight. They are highly durable and come with special maintenance instructions in order for them to look as good as new even in the next coming years.

Shoes are tailored and designed in ways similar to clothes. The design of the shoe parts are created and stitched making it into one single piece. The process starts by attaching the insole to the last and starting to stitch the rest. Then concentrate on creating various singular prices of the upper sections. After that, you may now attach them into the last and the insole. When the sole and upper sections are successfully created, you can now complete the process of making shoe and that is by attaching the sole into the upper.

The materials for the upper vary from genuine leather to fabrics or polyesters fabrics. Expensive shoes are good investments because they are excellent value for money because they last long and are unique.

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