How are Paper Airplanes Made?

At some point of our lives, we tried to make paper airplanes simply because we are fascinated about taking a piece of paper and being able to make it fly as high as it could. So how are paper airplanes made? All you have to do is to grab a sheet of paper and follow these steps as follow to create your own paper airplane.

Aside from paper, you also need other materials such as ruler, crayons, printing paper, colored pencils and colored pens.

• First, you need to look for a piece of paper with rectangle shape. You can get a school notebook or computer printing paper because of their ideal size and weight.

• Next is to lay paper on the table with one of its long borders closest to you. Then lay the paper in half lengthwise. If the two borders match up, use your thumb to create sharp crease along its fold.

• After which, you have to take the upper left corner of top paper layer, fold it diagonally, down toward the crease that you made. If the borders match up, create sharp crease using your thumb along the new fold to make a small triangular flap.

• Turn the paper over and then take the upper right corner of the top paper layer, fold it diagonally toward you, until the edge aligns with the first crease you created. When the borders match, create another sharp crease along the new fold. This is similar to what you did with the previous steps.

• Then take the newly formed aslant border on the right side of your paper, fold it straight down toward the first crease that you created. If the borders match, you need to make another incisive crease.

• Once again, turn the paper over and fold the diagonal edge, down towards the crease you create, and then make another sharp crease. By this time, the paper should look like a triangle with 90-degree angle.

• Next is to form the wings by flipping the paper airplane over, then repeat fifth and sixth steps. Then hold the paper in one hand together with the first crease that you made and let the wings of your paper plane flare out.

• About 4 or 5 inches from the nose of your plane, create a ½-inch rip in the bottom area of the plane and create another one behind it then fold the tab up.

• Lastly, hold the airplane near the tab and then toss your newly created paper with overhand, in a horizontal forward motion.

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