How Are Man Made Diamonds Made


Manmade diamonds are lab grown diamonds that are exquisite in characteristics and appear exactly the same as natural diamond. These diamonds are close to perfect that even some people won’t be able to spot the difference between natural diamond and a manmade diamond. If you love fashion jewelry, you probably have asked yourself how manmade diamonds are made.

Diamonds is among the most popular precious stones in the world and they were to be the first to be synthetically created successfully in laboratory setting. But they are actually not fake diamonds because they are carbon based, like natural diamonds but are grown in lab in highly controlled setting in a more accelerated manner. 

The first manmade diamond was created by a French chemist Henri Moissan in 1892. The diamonds particles he created were through heating charcoal into molten mixture that splintered in tiny crystals while it cooled.

In lab-created diamonds, the carbon is heated to molten liquid with the help of extremely high temperatures. The process of crystallization is stimulated though the very slow cooling process. In addition to extremely high temperatures, the growth of crystal is facilitated by high pressure in a controlled setting. This process is known as HTPT or high temperature high pressure.

Depending on the specific process the companies are using for creating their diamonds, the quality of the crystal they want to achieve and the process of growing diamonds could take anywhere from 7 days to 6 months.

Lab created or synthetic diamonds have identifying mark wherein the name of the company and serial number are engraved or inscribed on the stone for identification purposes.

Manmade diamonds have become favorite alternatives of those who can’t afford to buy real diamonds that are expensive. The look or appearance may be the same, but manmade ones are less valuable instead it is purely fashionable. If you want to collect as many diamond as you want without spending a great deal of money, manmade diamond is a great alternative. It can give you the spark and elegance you want for a very little amount. People can’t tell that such diamond you are wearing is not real diamond. 

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