How are Jeans Made?

Jeans are typical outfits and they are great to wear because of their versatility. If you are interested about knowing how jeans are made, here are the steps manufacturers follow to come up with denim jeans and make it available for users like most of you.

The first step is gathering the materials needed for making a pair of jeans. Denim jeans are typically constructed of 100% cotton and they are dyed with man-made indigo coloring. After creating the jeans, the additional features will be incorporated for style. These features include zippers, buttons, embroidery, rivets, labels and tags. Zippers and buttons are made from steel or copper while most tags are made of cloth, leather or plastic.

The next step would be processing the cotton yarn for the blue jeans. Manufacturers usually buy ginned cotton and then processing it to cotton yarn. They do this by placing it in a machine with cotton cards where it is straightened, gathered and cleaned into fiber. Then they move the cotton into another set of machines where it is pulled and then twisted into yarn.

The third step is dying the cotton yarn. While other types of clothes are colored after they are woven, the yarn used to weave denim is dyed before they are woven. The yarn that has been threaded into large balls known as warps is dipped into indigo dye for a number of times. The several dye layers are added into the yarn and this process is said to be one of the reasons why denim tends to fade after washing several times.

After dying the denim, it will be slashed. This method is done by covering the threads with starchy substance making the fibers strong enough.

Then the next step is weaving the yarn for blue jeans. The cloth used to make the denim jeans is not woven manually. The yarn is placed on a huge mechanically operated loom. The vertical threads on the loom are created of the blue dyed yarn, while horizontal threads are consisting of the blue dyed yarn incorporated with the fine white thread. Once the woven is done, the cloth will be treated to remove loose threads and is also preshrunk.

Then the final step is making the blue jeans. The design and style is then chosen by the manufacturer.

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