How are GM Foods Made?

Genetically modified or GM foods are made from plants in which have had traits in DNA changed. The scientists are taking genes, the DNA pieces that differentiate living things from one animal or plan and put it in another organism. Such plants are known also as GMOs or genetically modified organisms.

The goal of genetically modifying plants would be making them better in some way. So corn plants for instance may have a gene incorporated, making it more resistant to insects, herbicides, more nutritious and more tolerant of cold or drought.

The first crops to be modified genetically in the US include corn, cotton and soybeans. Most processed foods that contain large quantities soy and corn contain GMOs. The other crops that are allowed currently in the US food and feed supply are canola, alfalfa, corn, chicory, flax, papaya, cotton, rice, potato, squash, soybean, tomato and sugar beet.

Some people asked if eating genetically modified foods are harmful to their babies. Well it depends on who you are asking about this controversial subject. Most people believe that when it comes to food, the more natural, the better it would be especially when babies are concerned. Since genetic combinations take place in the genetic engineering laboratory that are not possible in nature, the critics are concerned that playing with food technology could have far reaching effects on the health of human as well as the environment.

The main or primary concern is the allergens. This is because most of the genetically modified organisms may commence allergens that are known or unknown. If an individual is allergic in the gene which has been brought in, chances are the person will be allergic on the product.

There are some concerns as well that when introducing new gene into the plant, it becomes possible to make a completely new allergen, which causes allergic reactions in children or other susceptible people. There is also no good way in testing these foods to ensure that it will not happen. In addition, while the government and producers are working under the assumption that if original foods were safe, the new product is also going to be safe.

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