How are Flip-flops Made?

If you love to shop footwear and you have looked into a store window at its pair of hand crafted sandals, you probably have these thoughts on your mind, how are flip flops made? You can actually make your own flip flops at home. Custom made sandals look elegant and at the same comfortable because they are well designed to fit perfectly in your feet.

If you want to create your own flip flops, the materials that you should have are pencil, leather cutting knife, 1 foot x 1 foot piece of leather about ¼ inch thick, another leather of the same size but with 1/8 inch thick leather, leather straps, shoe glue and 1 foot long yarn or string.

• The first step is to trace your foot on a piece of paper or onto the leather directly. Use a pencil to trace one foot after the other on the ¼ inch thick leather. Then draw a 1inch border around the outline of the foot.

• Use leather knife to cut out the shape of the foot to make the flip flop’s bottom sole.

Then trace the shape of the bottom sole into the other leather that is 1/8 inch thick. Cut out the piece and this will be the upper sole of the footwear.

• Place the foot on the upper sole and use pencil to mark where the flip flop would wedge between the big toe and your second toe. Make two marks on the side of the heel about 1/3 of the length of the foot from the back area of the sole and the ½ inch from border.

• Cut out ½ inch long slit on the mark between the toes and 1 inch slit on the marks at the heel. You will connect the straps to the sole of the flip flop.

• Then place the foot back on the sale. Use yard in measuring the toe to the outside of heel. Mark the distance and add four inches on the strap leather. Measure from the toe to the inside of heel and market and add four inches on the leather strap.

• Cut the straps, about ¼ inch wide where the toes intersect and 1 inch wide at the heel.

• Slide the straps through the slit on the sole and place the foot into the sandal.

• Lastly, glue the strap ends to the bottom of the top sole. Wait for about 2 hours for the glue to dry then glue the top sole to the bottom sole.

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