How are Female Accessories Made?

Most women can’t live without hair accessories. They are a must have for a woman’s wardrobe. Girls love accessorizing themselves because it makes them look noticeable and beautiful at the same time.

If you have purchased a lot of these accessories and they almost have the same designs, the great news is you can actually create your own accessories like those for your hair. It gives you the chance to personalize your accessories to make it suitable for your mood and style. Furthermore, it allows you to show your creativity and good taste when it comes to accessorizing yourself. You might ask yourself, how are female accessories made? Here are the materials you need and the steps to create your own stylish hair accessories without spending a lot of money.

Basically you will need beads, fishing line, Bobby pins, gold thread, ribbon and florist’s wire.

To create personalized hair necklace, you need to use fishing line and charms. First you need to measure the size of your head. Cut out fishing line about a third longer then string the charms on the fishing line. Charms can be beads or old metal charms. Glue the charms to the fishing lines to keep them in place and use bobby pins to secure the ends to your hair.

• If you have accessories kept in your closet and you have not used them because they are out of trend, you can update and jazz them up to create a new look. Using an old headband, remove the ribbon and then glue some colorful beads over it and let it dry.

• You can also create personalized barrettes to match your outfit. Because of their versatile look, you can use barrettes particularly the small ones to create balance look and another large one to draw attention of other people. You can create your own customized barrettes using pre made ones. Unwind the ribbons and the glue large bead on the barrette back. Then weave the ribbons in braided pattern on piece of small cardboard. After that, glue the ends to the back and glue the result to the base of the barrette.

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