How are Dentures Made

Dentures are fixed or removable teeth replacements. Tooth replacement is necessary when the tooth as well as its roots have been damaged irreplaceable. Dentists know that missing permanent tooth must be replaced always otherwise the teeth on either side of the space will tilt toward the gap gradually, and the teeth in the opposite jaw will start moving toward the space.

There are some standard types of replacing tooth in the current dentistry. An entire denture will be made in restoring both the teeth along with the core bone when all of the teeth are absent in the arch. A smaller version will be fixed partial denture known as fixed bridge as well that can beĀ  used if the teeth that are generally healthy are present adjacent to the gap where the teeth have been lost.

The partial will be anchored to the teeth surrounding it by attachment to caps or crows that are attached into the healthy teeth. The removable partial denture will be used in replacing missing teeth where there are insufficient natural teeth that would support the fixed bridge. This device will rest on the jaws soft tissues and will be held in position with metal supports. The dental implants are known as the most recent technology in tooth replacement.

Most dentures are made from high quality acrylic resins that make them stronger as well as more attractive than they once were. Acrylic-resistant, the acrylic resins are expected to last for up to five to eight years. In some dentures, porcelain is used at material since it appears more like natural teeth enamel. It is used particularly for the upper teeth that are the most visible. But the pressure of chewing and biting with porcelain teeth could wear away and damage the natural teeth. Hence porcelain teeth must not be used in partial dentures in which they are in contact with natural teeth during biting or chewing.

The mouth of each individual is different and every denture should be custom designed to perfectly fit and look good. Basically, the dentures are shaped according to the mouth shape and size, age, skull size, skin color, sex and hair color.

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