How are Clothes Made?

Have you ever wondered how are clothes made? People spend a lot of money on clothes alone because it helps them express their taste and style. There is a vast difference on the way clothes were made in the past and today. The clothes that were made in the early times were not really made of cloth. Instead, the earliest clothes were fabricated from the skin of animals. The main reason for this is it gives them protection from different elements.

The clothes people wear depend on the regions where they live. For places where people experience extreme cold, warm clothing are essential and they use skin of sheep and other animals.

But nowadays, people are no longer using clothes made from animal skin, there are innovative ways which enabled the production of clothes easier and in accordance to the current lifestyle of people. Further modification on clothes was constantly made and they need to be long lasting in order for people to use it for several times.

Most of the clothes that you can find today are made of cotton. The process starts by harvesting mature cottons. Then the mature balls are placed in machine which blows the ball away from the cotton and leaving only the fibers resembling puffy cotton balls. It is then placed in cotton gin to clean and remove the seeds from it. In the past, the cotton was spun on the spinning wheel that was operated using foot pedal. But in the recent years, the process is done using electrical power. It is important for the yarn to be carded before placing the cotton to the loom. It is where the cotton is stretched across the drum, brushing any impurities before laying flat on the loom.

Sothe cotton is being stretched out already, spun and then carded into thin yarn. The threads that run vertically across the loom are called warp and weaving through horizontally running threads called filling. Even though the looms used machines, it will still require an individual in order for the machine to keep running. If the cotton yarn is weaved into fabric, it will now be called grey goods and it is what manufacturers used to make clothes.

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