How are Bags Made?

Generally, women can’t leave their homes without carrying their bags, handbags or purse. It is where they put the things they need while they are outside of the house. Bags are popular not only among women, but to people from all walks of life. If you have asked yourself how are bags made, here are some steps on how to do it.

• Handbags are made by cutting the leather fabric out into five sections. The sections make up the back, front, sides and bottom part of the bag. The manufacturer will pin each side of the handbag together, sewing the sides together, piece by piece. Leather is a thick type of fabric and it is important for it to be sewn together slowly.

Instead of using sewing machine, the manufacturer will have to use balance wheels because there are more than three layers of leather fabric. The sides, back and front are sewn at the bottom of the handbag, then the sides, front and back will be sewn together. The excess leather from the sides is clipped as the initial process.

Depending on the handbag’s style, there are ways on how to put the strap on. The manufacturer usually cut down two long piece of leather fabric for the strap, generally from the same fabric as the rest of the handbag. The leather pieces are folded over the other and sewn together, then sewn to every side of the handbag or metal rings are attached into the bag.

• The accessories or pattern pieces of the handbag may consist of any type of pattern, fabric or design that is chosen by the manufacturer. The pieces are cut out of the fabric first. After this, they are fastened into the handbag for sewing, because pin ruins the exterior part of the leather. Then finally, the zipper is connected across the top area of the handbag. The manufacturer will remove any excess threading and the bag will be shipped out to the stores.

Bags are created in different ways, depending on the type of bag and the materials being used.

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